8 Proven Ways To Ensure Success With Billboard Advertising

There are plenty of benefits of billboard advertising. To start with, it is one of the best ways to attract potential customers and thus to increase your sales and business revenue. As compared to any other media, this type of advertising costs less but grabs the attention of your target audience more efficiently.

Consumers, which your business is targeting, receive the message thus advertised frequently and continuously. Besides that, there is no risk of your ad getting lost in the mix of editorials and other competitors (as it happens in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and most other media). Probably, the most important advantage of doing this type of advertising is that you can target thousands of potential customers at a specific location, which also results in strong name recognition and brand awareness.

But, despite all these features, you are advised to go for this advertising media only if your business is targeting a broad customer base. If you think this is the right media for you, you will love the following tips, Myhrconnection as it will let you know how to make your billboard ads a huge success.


Use Eye-Catching Mini-Slogans

When it comes to billboard advertising, your success depends on the use of creative mini-slogans. You do not have to overdose your ads with lots of graphics and a lengthy message. The majority of your target audience neither has that much time nor do ever get that many opportunities to stop and read your billboard ads. You must come up with a big message in the fewest possible words (that’s what mini-slogans mean) so that even if someone who is driving at 60 miles per hour and has a glance at your ad should get the message and say ‘hmmm’.

It means the message must be so strong and attractive that it should create some kind of curiosity in the viewer at least to find more information about the thing advertised on the billboard. The mini-slogans you use must be identifiable with your brand name and must be packed with the accurate message that you want to convey to the viewers. Your slogans must be strongly attractive enough to promote company branding and name recognition.


Include A ‘Call To Action’

Successful billboard advertising also requires you to include a ‘call to action’ in your ad. Your message conveyed by your ad must encourage the viewers to perform a specific action. A simple example is to inculcate curiosity in the viewers (such as by making a lucrative offer) and encourage them to contact your business for detailed information, such as by visiting your website or through emails or phone calls. You can also consider offering your viewers something for free.

very common ad that many businesses use is – ‘Call For A Free Quote Today’. Since smart consumers these days first do a thorough comparison shopping when they have to buy a product or sign up for a particular service, such calls to action through billboard ads will work for your business. Once they contact you, it is up to you to convert their inquiries into sales, obviously by offering them the best deal in the market.


Tell Your Target Audience Why You Are The Best

When it comes to making billboards advertising success, you must also keep in mind the very fact that you are not the only one who is using this media to promote your business. Your competitors are also out there that are trying to attract the attention of the same target consumers. Therefore, you need to come up with a message through your ad that should help you stand out in the crowd.

The message conveyed through your billboard ad must be able to tell the viewers what makes you a better choice for them than your competitors in the market. For example, you can do this by offering your viewers a unique deal that no other competitors are offering, such as higher quality at a lesser price. If you cannot afford to get paid assistance from creative ad writers, you will have to do a lot of brainstorming yourself to create a strong billboard ad. You can start by writing longer slogans and then writing it again and again in different ways until you finally come up with a lovely catch-phrase for your billboard.


Think Outside The Box – Try Something Different

If you want to establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur, you must dare to try different and drastic things with your billboard advertising. Indeed, such daring can sometimes be risky, but most successful entrepreneurs are successful because they always took risks – sometimes, they failed, but other times, they succeeded in such a tremendous fashion that it helped them grow their business much faster than their competitors. For example, you may like to add some humor or even a satire. Overall, you have to be extremely creative with those few graphics and words that you are going to use in your billboard ads.

Make Sure Your Ad Message Travels The Way Eyes Travel While Reading Something

A very common yet effective way to create attractive billboard ads is to first write a problem and then offer a solution. For example, if you are running a job/ employment website, you can first add a person who looks stressed and the message goes like – ‘Looking for Your Dream Job?’. This is a problem that your target audience is facing. Next, you can add the image of the same person with a smiling face and write ‘Try DreamJobs (Your Business Name)’. This is a solution. Next to this, you can add a call to action, such as ‘Visit Us At’ or ‘Call Us At (Your Phone Number)’.

Now, as you can see this ad example has three steps. You have to be very careful about how you arrange these three things in the correct order in billboard advertising. Here, you need to understand that human eyes when trying to read something travel from left to right (unless your ad is written in Arabic). Therefore, you must arrange your message in the same order. Starting from the left, you first have to include the message explaining the problem, your solution in the middle, and a strong call to action on the right side of the billboard.


Use The Language That Your Target Audience Speaks And Understands

While you are brainstorming to create a billboard ad that should help it to stand out from the rest of the billboard ads on the same roadway, you must also keep in mind the specific taste and preferences of your target viewers. For example, if your business is targeting women consumers, such as something about fashion, you can try writing your message in a language that fashionable women love to speak. You will first have to do a lot of research in this regard to understand the likes and dislikes of your potential customers.


Be Creative With Colors, Contrasts, And Themes

When it comes to billboard advertising, your goal is not just to create appealing ads that catch the eyes of the viewers, but you also want those viewers to remember you (at least your brand name) and to contact you. Therefore, while you are investing so much time and effort in brainstorming with words and graphics, you must also try to be very creative with the choice of colors and best game Pubg pc, contrasts, and themes you are using. The objective is obvious – your ad should look different in a way that is appealing to eyes and leaves a long-lasting impression.

For example, if as part of your call to action, you want the viewers to visit your website, you can try writing your website domain name in bright yellow color against a dark background, such as black or red. Texts written in light color against a light background, on the other hand, gives a dull appearance to your ad, which irritates the viewers, as they are not well received by the eyes. In short, the color contrast must be used in a way that should help the viewers to register the message to their brain even if they just give a glance to your billboard ad while driving a vehicle. Just using large size texts and graphics will not do this; the choice of color contrasts also matters a lot.

Consider The Distance Of The Billboard From Viewers

If you are using billboard advertising near a road, you will have to make sure that it is located at an adequate distance from your target viewers. While people are driving their vehicles, they must get enough time to read your ads just in a glance. Therefore, besides all the above factors, you also have to be very careful with the size of the texts and graphics you are using. If the billboard is located further from the road, you should try to use larger texts and images, but if it is close to the road, keep the size a little smaller, something that is comfortable for the eyes to read and register to the brain.

Overall, it takes a lot of time, effort, brainstorming and creativity to make billboard advertising a success. If you work on the above eight points thoroughly, you can maximize your chances to succeed with this advertising media.