Why Choose Omega For Vehicle Service Contract?

When you look at all the vehicle service contracts out there the options are abundant. This means it is hard to narrow them down easily. In addition, you will also need as much fundamental knowledge before you can find the best used car warranty.

Anyone who is looking to buying an extended service contract for their car and is looking for something reasonably priced with great benefits. It is possible for buyers to get excellent coverage without having to spend anything on deductibles. If you are really looking to save money, you can purchase them from Omega Auto CareThe company pays the bill when your vehicle’s systems and covered parts break down.   Keeping your car outside its factory guarantee makes a lot of logic these days, as long as your car payments are not just substituted by costly repair bills. That is where Omega comes in. Omega picks up where your factory guarantee leaves off, by contracting to reimburse for the repair bills defined in the coverage level you choose. It is the insurance for when your car surrenders to damages from mechanical failure. The company is insured by a Fortegra company, Lyndon Southern Insurance Company. They are members of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce as well as the Vehicle Protection Association.


A lot of people are being charged too much for their vehicle service contracts at car dealerships and it is all because they do not know much about the industry or how to shop around. It is very important that you know where to search for to find great deals. Many people believe that they have to purchase their vehicle service contracts while buying a car at the dealership this is actually not true as you can buy a car without the vehicle service contracts because you can purchase one at any time.

You can find all sorts of great quotes for vehicle service contracts at Omega. Once you purchase one, you will get coverage immediately. You do not have to worry about any background checks either. Since you would not have to fear about deductibles, you will be able to save immediately whenever your car needs repairs. The coverage options offered by Omega include:

  • New Exclusionary: This plan provides extra protection for new vehicles or like-new.  The plan helps to protect your investment by keeping wide-ranging repairs and vital parts covered.
  • Used Stated Coverage: It covers a varied sort of potential glitches a truck, car or SUV might develop. Please note, this program is designed for vehicles that have not more than 150,000 miles on their odometer, and hit the market within the past 10 years.
  • Powertrain Protection: The Powertrain Protection plan consists of three levels of protection, each with fluctuating levels of coverage.

So, do not let luxurious repairs and service stop you from enjoying your vehicle.  Purchase a vehicle service protection plan from Omega Auto Care and keep your ride on the road for the future years.  Call Omega today for more information on any protection plan.