Understand Why Bong Relates to Healthier Way of Smoking

Bongs have been one of the most popular devices to smoke. It promotes super hit and relaxes your mind. You will feel yourself enjoying moments of relaxation. Today, there are a range of designer styled bongs that are highly marketed in varied shops worldwide known for selling exclusive smoking tools.

Bongs are known to be a healthier way to smoke compared to water pipe its original form. The basic reason is that bong doesn’t own any flaws in their design unlike older versions of water pipe. People smoking cigarettes, joints and simple water pipes prefer to use bongs and collect many of its trendy pieces to enjoy the best smooth hit.

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Know why bongs are so popular –

  • Superb water filtration.
    • Yes, it is better than its older version, the glass pipes. You won’t smell or taste burned ash or tar. This is because of the bong’s percolator that doesn’t let any impurities to run your smooth hit sensation.
    • The totally advance model of bongs is well designed multiple chambers filtration. This helps them to hold back carcinogens and other toxins that are sure to help you to enjoy the taste of the smoking elements.
  • You are no longer worried about your general health as bong smoking doesn’t harm your body system like cigarettes and joints. While even water pipes don’t help to hold toxins down and let only the cool smoke to inhale and taste the weed or tobacco smoke.
    • Moreover, fine filtration of the harmful toxins like THC from marijuana helps you to remain safe from psychoactive elements.
  • It cools the smoke.
    • The cooling of smoke in the chamber of bong before reaching your lungs may not give the same hit sensation of smoking cigarettes or joints, however it helps in keeping your lungs safe.
    • This feature of bong avoids coughing or irritation of throat. Your lungs remain safe and your respiratory system stays stronger.
    • More the number of percolators, the cooling and purification of smoke is done perfectly to have smooth nontoxic smoking.
  • The device is safe for health as they are mostly made of good quality glass.
    • Glass doesn’t react with chemicals thus it doesn’t release any poisonous elements.

However, you need to use well cleaned bongs to enjoy healthier smoking. The bongs cleaned frequently have no microbes present in the inner parts, thus they are safe to use many times. Usually, plastic bongs are not recommended as it can’t be easily cleaned and thus there are chances of impurities being accumulated in the smoking water. This affects your lungs and eventually leading to several health issues.

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