Buying Lighting Fixtures for Outdoor Space – Tips to Plan And design

Lighting fixtures in outdoor spaces like porch, covered deck, porch, gazebo and other areas is not only useful but also beautiful too. Outdoor chandeliers have been very popular from candlelight days to now.

These days, there are more options available in the market from electric bulb to fixtures making chandeliers even more convenient choice to homeowners. These lighting fixtures match with your requirement and create an aesthetic appeal in your home.

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In this article, there are few tips that help you buy beautiful chandeliers for your outdoor space.

Outdoor space

Consider the outdoor space before purchasing a chandelier so that you can choose a right one. If you want to light up unusually shaped large space, you can set up a chandelier along with a pendant to illuminate the entire space.

A thumb rule to fix chandeliers in outdoor space: choose a chandelier of ½ to 3/4th width of the table and hang it 32 to 34 inches over the table.

Choosing lighting fixtures for outdoor space

There are numerous options available to choose from. Few of them are:

  • Wall lights – You can mount them virtually on all vertical surfaces, suitable for entryways, garages, patios and porches.
  • Pier mounts and post lights – These lighting fixtures can withstand exposure to moisture as well as rain and they are ideal for driveways, patios and walkways.
  • Landscape lights – These lights are perfect choice for landscape features, gardens. You can combine them with floodlights and others for a layered, rich look.

In addition to these, there are a lot other varieties like security lights like motion sensor, dusk and down lights, hanging lights and more. All these fixtures will give safety and enhanced look to your outdoor space.

Wet/damp outdoor lightings

Most of the outdoor chandeliers are designed for damp or wet location to use. These chandeliers will prevent moisture penetrating over electrical wire of the fixture. Also, these fixtures are made with weather-resistant substances like rubber coating, glass shades and others.

  • Damp rated – Suitable for areas not exposed to moisture and rain.
  • Wet rated – Ideal for areas exposed to wind as well as rain.

Don’t use brighter lights

The common mistake made by most of the homeowners is making use of bright bulbs outside. A lower wattage bulb will be enough in dark.


Few outdoor chandeliers are specially designed with glass or shade casings for bulbs. Most of the homeowners are opting for shades to reduce the illumination.

Lighting accessories

  • Dimmer switch – If you want to control the emitted light, dimmers are ideal. They helps to adjust the extra illumination once become dark at outside.
  • Hanging chain – they not only add classic touch to the chandelier design but also functions in many ways.

To improve the appeal of your home, choose the best supplier and order your favorite style chandeliers today.