Wearing a Mask Every Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The World is facing a crisis due to COVID-19, which started in January 2020. It was declared as a global pandemic in March 2020. The United States of America has the highest number of cases followed by Brazil and India. Since then, masks and other face shields were sold for high prices and the ones in high demand were the N95 masks.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a person must wear a three-layered breathable fabric mask in a public place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Masks are said to be a barrier to respiratory droplets to travel through the air onto the other person.

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Mistakes you make while wearing a mask:

  • Exposing major parts of your face

A mask is wide enough to cover a major part of your face. Just covering the mouth and nose is not enough to restrict contact with respiratory droplets. To prevent the spread of COVID, you must try to cover yourself, in a public place, as much as possible.

  • Removing the mask to talk to people

The whole point of wearing a mask is to avoid direct contact with polluted air. If you remove your mask while talking to other people, you encounter not just the droplets, but also the outer part of your mask. This surface transmission can also be harmful to your body.

  • Wearing a loose mask

A loose mask might be very satisfying in terms of comfort, but can put you at risk of getting the SARS-CoV-2 virus. A mask must be perfectly fitted and must cover your nose, mouth, and chin.

  • Adjusting the mask frequently

Wearing a mask every time might cause a slight discomfort while breathing in this hot weather. Do you keep adjusting the mask to remove something stuck on your mask or to adjust it in a way where breathing is a little easy? The SARS-CoV-2 virus stays active on surfaces for quite a long time and touching your mask can lead to surface transmission.

  • Changing sides of the mask

When you use washable masks, you must note the insides and outsides of the mask. Switching the sides of the mask can lead to the intake of existing bacteria and viruses on the surface of the mask. Hence, make sure that you either mark the sides or remember the sides of the mask.

  • Removing the mask

The right way to remove a mask is to pull the straps from behind your ears and making sure that you don’t touch the outer surface of the mask. After removing the mask, sanitize it if it is reusable or dispose of it immediately. Do not use a reusable mask without washing and sanitizing it thoroughly.