Do You Know What Causes Leaky Faucet? A Few Common Reasons

Every homeowner knows leaky faucets can often become a pain in the neck, as constant dripping of water will not only disturb you, but also it can increase your water bill, if you do not take any action to correct it.

Besides the problem of blocked drains Sydney, leaky faucet is another very common issue that most home owners often have to deal with. People mostly repair with DIY way but if you do not have any plumbing tool with you or not a technical oriented person, then you can always seek help from WILCO plumbing company.

Following are few reasons why your faucets may often leak water and you must try to address it as soon as possible.

1. Poor quality of ‘O’ ring

An ‘O’ ring is small rubber ring that is located around your valve stem. These parts can often become loose or get damaged due to regular usage of your faucet. It can always be replaced with a new ‘O’ ring, which you can always get from market.

2. Worn out cartridge

Sometimes the leak in cartridge faucet may also be because of the cartridge itself. If that is the issue, then too it must be replaced at the earliest. All that you have to do is, make sure that you are replacing with matching replacement cartridge.

3. Corroded valve seat

Often leak can also originate from the spout, then it may be a problem with your valve seat, which will connect the faucet with spout. Any building up of water-sediments too can corrode your valve seat and cause leaking. Avoid this, with regular cleaning of the valve seat.

4. Worn-out washers  

Worn-out washers are another very common reason of faucet leakage. Washer that usually rests against valve seat may wear out in due course of time due to friction between the parts. With incorrect installation or using washer of wrong size can also be causes of faucet leaks.

5. Worn-out seals

Often due to various accumulations of different kinds of sediments present within the water, seals at the inlet and also at outlet can get corroded and as a result, it may wear out the seal and the faucet starts leaking.

6. Water pressure

In case you ever notice that your faucet is constantly dripping only during certain special times during the day, or if you move your handles in a certain special way, then the water pressure of the home can also be the reason for faucet leaking.

7. Loose parts

If you find that your faucet has started dripping water after the faucet is shut off, then it indicates that seat washer has got damaged. Seat washer screw also can become loose due to repeated use.

8. Broken parts

If you notice that your leaking of faucet is coming from pipes below the sink, then it is likely that there is certain broken pipe or the fitting is damaged. If you have got necessary tool and you are bit technical then you can replace them or better you may call a professional plumber.