French Doors Are Trendy and Popular for Its Versatility

From the 17th century, French doors have complemented architectural structures with their versatile function and elegant designs. Originally, the doors were in the form of full-length windows, which led to balconies. These were transformed into doors that allowed to access small balconies and add natural light to the room. This architectural style belongs to the Renaissance era that depicts symmetry, geometry, and proportion. Its popularity has never vanished. You can still see this door style used in homes across the world.

Reasons French doors are popular

Offers functionality

French doors were originally designed to access small balconies. These style doors can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Due to its aesthetic design French doors have become a staple for connecting indoor rooms, or reduce noise from the busy entryway, or close rooms to contain warmth. French doors remove the feel of stuffiness, which regular doors create. They make the rooms feel spacious when opened as well as create coziness when closed. It is a great option to create extra space needed for a family gathering or a dinner party.

Allows natural light to enter inside

Installing exterior Edmonton doors helps to add extra natural light. Window Mart has more than 100 models of exterior doors with energy ratings. Check their exterior door collection that includes garden French doors, sliding patio doors, and entry door models.

The majority of French doors are designed with a large glass surrounded by different wood grills. It helps to increase the natural light received inside the house. Large living rooms can have a French door with a double glass panel. A single glass panel is suitable for small spaces. You can even choose 3 to 4 glass panel configurations for a grand opening.

Energy efficient

A two-glass panel exterior French door improves your home’s insulation and energy efficiency. The warm air from inside does not escape outside during winter and vice versa. Add an extra glazing layer within the double-pane to save on utility bills.


Homeowners are concerned about buying exterior French doors because they feel the home becomes vulnerable to theft. Even though French doors have large windows, they are connected to an adjustable hinge mechanism, which increases home security. You can connect the doors to a security alarm system, which makes it hard for thieves to break in.
Increase in property value

The majority of buyers consider open living spaces filled with lots of natural light. Adding French doors to your living room or bedroom or patio can easily enhance your property value. French doors add elegance, which potential buyers find appealing. The doors are classic and timeless. Front doors and landscaping are a popular feature that possible buyers look at when they visit a home.

French doors include a huge and beautiful glass pane divided into tiny panels. It serves as a home’s entrance and exit to a patio or backyard. The symmetrical lines of this kind of exterior door enhance your home’s curb appeal. Ensure to buy high-quality French doors from reliable suppliers and even the installation has to be ideal.