3 Common Challenges That University Students Encounter While Conducting Surveys

For some departments at universities, working with surveys is compulsory. Executing a research study using the means of a survey is not an easy task. Students have to go through some very hard times while completing the work. Fortunately, OvationMR’s market research panel supplies top global university research depart surveys. But this just solves one of the many problems. OvationMR supplies surveys to university students. If you look at the bigger picture, this arrangement is actually a part of the Business to Business (B2B) survey panel where the students work as the in-between. Now that the survey topic and elements have been decided, the real struggle emerges. That is to go through a step-by-step process to pull off the survey successfully. Let’s see what the 3 common challenges are that the university students have to face while conducting surveys.

1. Stress and Problem with Time Management

Generally, when a student has to conduct a survey, he/she has to make sure at least a certain number of people have taken the survey. This number is not a child’s play and making sure that enough people have participated in the survey is not a piece of cake either. The challenge is even harder if the student is working individually and not with a team. If the survey is an online survey, then the pressure can be lighter. The drawback of online surveys is that you have to work really hard and find some cooperative friends, relatives, colleagues who will help you to spread the online survey to reach enough willing participants. In many cases, students have to do fieldwork themselves. In this case, the challenge is even greater. You cannot go door to door at night time. So your daily work period is limited. You have to do some serious time management to make the best out of it.

2. Unsupportive and Unwilling Survey Participants

This is one of the greatest challenges a university student has to face. It does not take much time to finish a single survey. But still, you will find some people unwilling to be a participant. If the struggle is worse, students have to use affiliate platforms and pay people to take surveys. Though the cost per single complete survey does not cost much, for a student it is a lot. If the university does not carry such expenses, the task gets even harder.

3. Determining the Final Outcome

After getting through all the stresses and problems of collecting data via the survey comes the time to get a result out of it. Generally, the students have to represent the outcome as a report with statistics, results, and conclusions. It is very common not to get satisfying results. It happens so very often. One of the basic reasons for this error is the insincere answers from the survey participants. If the result found from the survey differs way more than the expected average result and the percentage error is very high, there is a high possibility that the university authority will not consider the survey result valid.

Working with a market research panel expert like OvationMR will ensure that you avoid these 3 common concerns when fielding your online survey because they maitian a global panel of screened, validated, and engaged participants who could potentially qualify to respond to your particular survey. The company all uses quality measures to ensure you have a representative sample that is reliable.