Rules of Using An Electric Razor You Need To Know

The best shaver for men is the one that gives you that perfect shaving experience. But well, you can make the most of your electric shaver experience, regardless of whether you are a novice or have been using it for some time. Follow these steps to get an ultra-groomed look with this wet or dry protective shave guide!

1. Prepare yourself

If your stubble is dry and stiff, you may get the best results from a wet and dry shaver unless you use one of the new wet and dry models. You can remove dirt and sebum (naturally occurring oil in your skin) with a pre-electric shave product containing alcohol. Some contain vitamins E that are guaranteed to keep your skin protected and minimize irritation.

2. Make sure the angle is right

As you shave, place your free hand on your forehead and pull your skin taut so that the hair stands upright as you do so. In this manner, maximum skin contact will be achieved, shaving time will be shortened, and snagging will be minimized. With foil shavers, you should only use back and forth motions, while with rotary shavers, use circular motions as well.

3. Keep it Cool

Motorized shavers generate heat when they operate, which can be bad news for sensitive skin. Shave the sensitive parts of the neck while the shaver is still cool. Don’t press too hard on the same spot too many times.

4. Take good care of it

It’s much like maintaining a car: you should replace all worn out parts and go through regular maintenance. They now come with cleaning systems of their own. You can use yours if it has one. As a result, not only will your shave be better, but the product will last longer as well. Use the provided cleaning brush to clean the foil and cutters after each shave. However, be careful not to damage these parts since they are delicate. Shaver residues should not be removed by rubbing the razor on the sink’s edge.

Depending on how tough your stubble is, the foil on your foil shaver should be replaced every one–two years. If you miss this step, you’ll end up having a rougher shave and irritating your skin as a result. Please keep the manual safe as it contains information on replacement parts.

5. Be persistent

If you’re a newcomer to electronic shaving, patience is the key. After using a wet razor all your life, your skin may take several weeks to adjust to a dry razor. Be patient, even if it initially causes mild irritation.

For trimming your hair, you typically use electric razors, which is usually battery-operated or rechargeable. An electric shaver won’t give you a closer shave than a manual one, but won’t nick your skin. There is no need to use shaving cream or gel with electric shavers. Be sure that you use it when you are dry, which means never in the sink, shower, and tub.