Few Interesting Lines about the Roaring Fashion of 1920 to 1929

The 1920s fashion is always remembered for glamour and glitz. However, in the later 20s people preferred to wear simple and elegant style attire. Women started wearing small skirts with well stitched sober tops while men loved to wear casual suits. 

The impact of First World War could be seen in everyone’s life. Hence, no wonder even the negative effects of the war influenced changes in the fashion world. It led to wearing of more comfortable and convenient dress by all as 20s outfits. The multi-layers of skirts and silky dresses were only for party and evening wear and men used to wear cloaks and coats only as a formal wear. 

The world of women attire in 1920s:

20s outfits gave rise to many reforms in the fashion world. The designer wears were reasonably priced and styled using lighter and durable material. Hence, even common class people could afford to buy them. The most famous ones the tubular dress well known as flapper. The daywear dresses were mostly designed by decreasing the hemlines while the evening wears were of floor length. The ornament decoration on the party wears portrayed them as classic attires. The bead work, sequins, crochet lacing and embroidery enhanced the glamorous look of the simply stitched dresses. 

Long skirts simply stitched without the layers were popular attire worn along with lacy full sleeves tops however drop-waist dresses become more popular as it were convenient to wear the whole day long. The wearing of corsets was in the past. Women in the mid 20s felt the urge to live in care-free manner and tried to create their own identity. Hence, they embraced convenient to wear garments. 

Cocoon fur coats and fringe shawls ruled the fashion world of the decade. The fishnet stockings and short fringe covered flapper dresses were introduce in the 1920s years. Women preferred shorter dresses to be worn every day thus the waistline began to drop and the fullness of the skirts slimmed down to tube shape. The dresses were cost effective as the materials used to design them were lesser than the previous decade. 

Women started wearing simple stitched dresses of different color shades and designed using different material other than silk. The accessories like necklaces, bracelets and hats still ruled the fashion world like earlier times. However, the trend changed to wear gem stones, pearls and beads instead of wearing authentic vintage jewels. 

Youngsters felt the need to wear casual and sporty clothing thus the open V –shaped neckline was popular. There were no more needs to use many clips to hold the dresses as many garments were slipped overhead and fitted well with the shape of body.

It isn’t wrong to say that the 1920s outfit set the trend of modern design attire. It was the golden era of fashion that changed tremendously the whole outlook of designer wears. The decade people created the fashion history that is still remembered for the introduction of modern simple designs that is still loved by women folk all over the world.