Rules to Follow When Matching Your Watch and Your Clothes

Matching a watch to your clothing might sound simple, but it’s easy to make small mistakes.
There are a few rules that exist for selecting men’s watches for outfits that one must follow to stand out in the crowd.

The following are a few rules that one must follow when matching watches and outfits.

1. Know about watch types

There are different types of watches that can work for different outfits. For example:

● Dress watches offer a simple, sophisticated look.
● Dive watches are meant for underwater diving.
● Pilot watches are used for the cockpit.
● Field watches are versatile, rugged, and functional.
● Racing watches are meant for sporting events because they include a chronograph.

2. Match the watch strap with your dress

If you are fully clear about the type of watch that can look best with your chosen clothes, you can narrow down on your choice further. Selecting the right material will be the next step to consider for matching your watch.
Usually, you will find 2 main types of materials used for watch straps – either leather bands or silicone mesh/stainless steel straps. Typically, leather watch bands are considered formal compared to stainless-steel straps.

3. Consider the formality for the occasion

What to consider:

● Go with a classic silver/gold watch for business wear.
● For sharp casual attire, opt for a watch that looks sporty.
● With casual clothes like jeans and polo shirts, choose a field/sports watch.
● Smartwatches look great when paired with casual clothes.

4. Leather must be complemented by leather

What to consider:

● If you wear brown shoes, make sure your belt is also brown.
● Then you must select your watch that will go well with both. A brown leather watch strap can perfectly complement your formal attire. Wear a black watch band with a black belt and shoes.

5. Metal must be complemented by metal

What to consider:

● Don’t try to match a silver watch with gold accessories.
● Opt for a black case watch if you are wearing a gold/silver ring to make a style statement.
● A gold-plated watch will be best suited to earthy tones. It will also go well with grey and black tones. Avoid pairing a leather watch strap with gold/silver accessories.

6. Heirloom watches can bend rules

Heirloom timepieces will allow you to wear anything you choose, unlike regular watches. These watches are more to do with certain memories of loved ones.
When you invest your money in any luxury or accurist watches then you must ensure that you can properly match them with your clothes and accessories. This can make a huge impact on your overall style.