Things You Didn’t Know About Cannabis Tinctures

One of the most overlooked delivery methods for cannabis is CBD tincture. They are quick and easy to use, providing a high-quality dose of medicine at a low cost.
Here are things you should know about CBD tinctures if you want to learn more about this healthier way of ingestion.

#1 Tinctures are an old remedy

Did you know that tinctures were the first form of pain relief, before aspirin? Cannabis tinctures were very popular even before the prohibition of cannabis.

#2) Tinctures provide dosage control

A few drops of cannabis tincture can be taken under the tongue. This is a great way to get a quick dose of medicine.

Instantly, the infusion is absorbed into the bloodstream and made its way to the brain.

Dosing is easy with this method. Just take a few drops of the medicine and wait for the desired results. Additional drops may be added if you need more medicine.

Start slow, and increase your dosage as you go.

#3) Cannabis tinctures come in different types

A tincture is defined as one that contains alcohol as the solvent. You can make cannabis tinctures with MCT oil, MCT oil, and glycerin, as well as olive oil (these are all technically elixirs).

Although there is much debate about the best type of cannabis tincture, olive oil is the better option for longer shelf life and is healthier.

#4: Tinctures offer you a variety of cannabinoid options

What are you looking to use your tincture specifically for? Do you want to target a particular condition or ailment in your tincture? Perhaps you are looking for a tincture to treat a specific condition or for adult use.

#5) Tinctures are a great topical

Many cannabis topicals contain a lot of filler and very few cannabinoids. Tinctures can be great for topicals.
According to anecdotal evidence, bruising and sprains respond well to tinctures containing acid cannabinoids (, THCA, and CBDA).

People have had great success with THCA to treat sunburns and other skin conditions.

Other people have had positive experiences with acid cannabinoids in daily skincare or for skin conditions such as psoriasis.

#6) Tinctures can be discreet

Do you need a simple way to take your medicine? Tinctures are discreet. Tinctures are not as noticeable as smoking a pipe or using a joint.

There’s no need for you to search for a place to eat. Just place a few drops on your tongue, and you are good to go.

Tinctures don’t leave behind a noticeable odor so they can be easily carried with you wherever you go.

You can also insert your tincture solution in gel capsules. This is what many patients do when the dropper is unavailable. Remember that tincture can be swallowed rather than dropped under the tongue.

#7) Tinctures have low calories

Infused desserts are a great option if you love edibles. They can add weight if not taken care of. A brownie made with cannabis can have 150 calories or more

If you are looking for a low-calorie option to smoking cannabis, tinctures offer an alternative.

#8 Tinctures should be properly stored

Did you know heat can cause to deteriorate cannabinoids? Tinctures should be kept at cool temperatures in an airtight container. A dark-colored dropper bottle is recommended.

Avoid plastic containers when storing your tincture. For best results, store your tincture in a glass container at room temperature.