Tips Every Fitbit Owner Should Know

A Fitbit strap can be a great way for you to remind yourself to get more exercise and live a healthier lifestyle. However, they aren’t perfect. These challenges require that you hold yourself accountable and put in the work required to lose weight or change your diet.

These tips will make it easier to get the most from your Fitbit tracker.

Install MobileTrack to track your Fitbit if you lose it

You forgot to strap your Fitbit to your wrist before you set out on your day. You don’t have to worry if this happens. Your phone can be used to track your progress in the interim. Although it’s not as precise as a Fitbit, it’ll suffice.

Open the Fitbit app and navigate to the account tab. Tap Create a Device, then select MobileTrack. The Fitbit app defaults to MobileTrack when you forget your Fitbit tracker. It will track basic information such as steps and activities until it reconnects to your tracker.

All-Day Sync should be disabled

Enable the All-Day Sync feature to track your progress throughout the day. This will force your Fitbit’s data to be synced with your phone throughout the day.

It’s not necessary, but some people may find it useful. Tracking your progress can be done directly on most wearables. If you need more information, you can manually sync it at any time.

All-Day Sync can be disabled to improve battery life. Open the Fitbit app and navigate to the account tab. Select the device to open its settings.

Invite friends to challenge you with different trackers

Mobile trackers offer the ability to share your activity and stats with friends and family. This can only be done if all of your trackers are the same brand.

You can still compete against people with a Fitbit or Apple Watch, iPhone, Jawbone, Withings and Misfit.

Modify the Dashboard

Trackers collect all kinds of information that you might not be interested in.

Open the Fitbit app, tap Edit in the upper left corner to view what is most important to you or what you won’t see. You can uncheck data you don’t want to see such as your water intake and how many steps per hour. Drag and drop can be used to arrange the various metrics and display the most important information at the top of your dashboard.

Personalize the Fitbit’s display

Open the Fitbit app and navigate to the account tab. To modify the settings of your tracker, select the tracker. You can also change the watch face and reorder/disable certain metrics.

Tracker lost or misplaced

There is little chance that you will lose something you have on you almost 24/7. It happens. Clip-on trackers can often be found in piles of dirty clothes.

There is an easy way for you to find your tracker if you have lost it. All you need to do is be within range of the tracker. Open the Fitbit app and try to sync the device. If sync is successful, you are at least within the range of the tracker. You can look at your log to see the last time that the device synced. You can then deduce the location and the places you have been since then.

Connect to third-party apps

Fitbit is quite comprehensive, with food and water tracking, activity tracking and weight loss planning. It’s not the best app in all of these categories. You may be used to running apps like RunKeeper or Lose it. You can use these apps to track your weight loss and food intake and sync them with the Fitbit app.

Make sure you clean your Fitbit

It is easy for your Fitbit to get dirty while you are working out. Fitbit recommends taking a break from your tracker or drying it after a hard workout or sweat session.

You can also give your Fitbit a deeper clean every now and again.

Fitbit recommends using a little bit of rubbing alcohol with a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean elastomer bands. If you are using leather or metal bands, Fitbit suggests lightly dampening the cloth with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. Allow the band to air dry in direct sunlight and heat.

Set your stride length

To get more precise data about your walking distance, make sure you adjust your stride length in the account settings. You will find stride length and running stride length under the settings tab in the upper left corner. These can be calculated by measuring 20 to 30 feet (6-9 meters) and counting the steps required to complete the distance running or walking.