7 Benefits Of Coir Mats For Your Business

There are many options for entrance mats, and it can be overwhelming.

A Coir mat is often the best choice for the job. In this article, we will look at the main benefits of this type of matting.

They Offer Exceptional Dirt Removal

While all mats can remove dirt and protect the floor from footwear, their abilities vary. They are better suited for light footfall and shoes that are clean.

Other cases may require something a bit stronger, such as a mat that can remove dirt and debris from outside, even if people have walked on muddy paths.

Coir mats can remove large amounts of dirt even at high footfall. This makes them a popular choice in pubs and restaurants that have a lot of patrons.

Coir Copes Well With Moisture

Coir mats are made from coconut fibers, a natural product. They have excellent absorbency and help to wipe away water as people walk on them.

Coir mats can be found in schools, as they can withstand the wet autumn days and are able to withstand schoolchildren coming onto the field.

Coir Mats Fit Well

To fit perfectly in your mat, we can make it to your exact specifications.

A mat that is custom-sized to fit the recess will ensure it stays in place until it is removed for cleaning. There are also aesthetic benefits.

A welcome mat with a logo or text can be placed on the floor to add class and elegance to the entrance. This will help to reinforce the company logo and increase brand awareness.

They Look Amazing

Coir mats are a popular choice for a wide range of businesses and organizations. We supply them to schools and pubs as well as restaurants and leisure facilities.

They're equally at home in a bowling alley or luxury car showroom.

You can have your logo printed on the fibers. They are available in subtle colors and blend well with any flooring. This will often be one or two colors to create a striking, classic effect. However, brighter options are also available to create a more youthful or vibrant look.

They Help Customers Save Money

An entrance mat of high quality is a cost-effective investment that protects the floor and provides protection.

The mat can extend the life of floors for many years, especially wooden floors. Therefore, a small investment in quality mats can help you save thousands on costly floor replacements or repairs.

Coir Logo Mats can help increase brand awareness

A high-quality logo mat can help you advertise your business or organization, as we have already mentioned.

Signage is an important investment for businesses. They spend thousands of pounds and have expensive websites. However, a mat can increase brand awareness for a fraction of the cost and possibly at a fraction of its price. It is a touchpoint for your organization every time someone passes or enters the mat.

Custom logo mats leave a better impression than a tatty, worn-out mat.

They are Affordable

Prices will vary depending on the size, shape, and nature of any logo. However, coir mats can be affordable.

They are made to last and come with a 12-month warranty.