Self Driving Car Startup Establishes New Singapore Office With The Help Of Grab

The automobile industry has definitely begun to see the writing on the wall, and the future of self driving and almost completely autonomous vehicle technology is going to be here sooner than most people realize.

Already major companies are starting to test fully automatic and 100% automated semi tractor-trailer operations, taking advantage of advanced technology, GPS solutions, and a whole host of innovations provided by startups in Silicon Valley and throughout the rest of the world to create fleets of driverless vehicles that can transport cargo more effectively, more efficiently, and at a greater speed without sacrificing any safety.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

While many believe that automated vehicles and self driving cars are going to be implemented across commercial applications long before they are ever taken advantage of by everyday consumers, you are pretty good that we are going to be looking at a significant amount of automated vehicles on the roads of the world by the end of 2025 – if not even sooner than that.

Grab, a major competitor for Uber throughout Asia, has decided to invest pretty significantly into autonomous vehicle technology solutions and a recent decision to open new offices in Singapore only shows just how dedicated they really are. is the autonomous vehicle technology startup that Grab has decided to invest heavily into, raising $15 million in a new round of funding to provide more effective autonomous vehicles for this ridesharing service throughout Southeast Asia and beyond. There has yet to be a formal partnership established between Grab and this autonomous vehicle startup, but many believe that this is only the first step to a more established relationship – especially after how significantly Grab invested in the Boston-based NuTonomy startup that help to put so many self driving vehicles on the road in Singapore in the past.

Automobile industry insiders as well as those from the technology world are paying close attention to all of the moves that Grab has decided to make over the last two or three years. Things have really started to ramp up for this ridesharing and mobile payment company over the past five years, especially after they received nearly $2 billion worth of funding directly from Toyota – and that only begins to scratch the surface of the investment that they have received from major companies around the world.

If Grab is moving so aggressively and so confidently into the world of autonomous vehicle technology, the odds are pretty good that they are getting ready to unveil a fleet of autonomous vehicles that can be taken advantage of through the mobile application services and ridesharing services that they have already worked so hard to establish.

It isn’t at all unlikely or unreasonable to believe that other major ridesharing services around the world (big competitors for Grab) like Uber and Lyft are going to get in on these kinds of investments in the near future as well, positioning themselves as the “ultimate choice” for autonomous ridesharing services in the future.

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