All You Must Know About Present Day Office Fit-Out

Most of you must be familiar with the term called “Office Fit Out”. Usually, the fit-out term is used for describing a process for making interior spaces suitable for the entire occupant of the office. The office spaces are actually developed as per the needs of office occupants.

Now since technology has made a lot of progress after the internet has come into our life, we are now dealing with a few high-tech tools like WebEx, Skype, and GoTo Meeting, etc. Therefore nowadays the trend of present-day office fit out London has also undergone a lot of changes that you can also find from the various office fit-out offered by GXI Group.

So, then what is the modern trend of office fit-out? Let us know in the following paragraph.

  • Workstation space is shrinking

Earlier the workstation normally used to be 8’ X 8’, or 8’ X 10’ size and now it has shrunk to 6’ X 6’. The main reason for this change is due to technology miniaturization. The bulky desktop computers are now replaced by laptops that take much less space than before. Also, landline phones are getting  replaced by a smartphone.

  • No more high partition

Nowadays, workstations have not only shrunk but they are also becoming more and more open. Partitions are no more visible in any modern-day offices. Either the partitions are completely removed or their height is being reduced to enable greater employee interaction.

Many organizations these days are also getting rid of their private offices or they are reducing their number significantly.

  • Manage your privacy and noise level

The open office concept has one major drawback: which is lack of privacy and also creates a noisy environment. When so many office workers are sitting together without having any partition then they may interact and also they may have to attend calls on their mobile.

So, the present=day fit-outs have provided a room where one can take their longer calls so that others may not get disturbed.

  • More team rooms rather than a conference room

Nowadays, no more need for a large-sized conference room that had a provision for 10 to 12 seats. So that has been changed into a few small-sized team rooms where about 5 to 6 team members can sit and discuss their common issues.

That wasted space of conference room is money not very well spent and it is a much better option to have a few team rooms for different groups. 

  • Common areas to serve clients

Often the office workers need to serve their clients and provide them a printout or a copy of a certain document. So a common area is available in the office where there are printers and photocopiers are installed. 

  • More emphasis on branding

Present-day fit-outs have also addressed their key marketing function like extending the company’s brand message. Most clients and new employees may like to see how committed the organization is to the environmental ethos.

Most companies now prefer to design their furniture made with a certain recycled material and also use more LED lights in the office.