Factors to Take into Consideration When Choosing A Wood Fired Hot Tub

A hot tub makes a valuable addition to your property. It creates the perfect environment to relax and spend time together as a family. It helps to relax our muscles and ease into sleep swiftly. It serves as the at-home hydrotherapy that helps in de-stressing, injury recovery and improving one’s overall physical and mental well-being.

Wooden hot tubs:
Among the different types of hot tub models available, wooden ones continue to rein the industry due to its classic visual appeal and traditional heating system. If you are considering purchasing wood fired hot tubs, check out RG Hot Tubs. Their products feature highest-quality, durable wood and offer a wide collection of hot tub models.

How to choose a wood fired hot tub?

A good-quality tub lasts for 20 years and makes a valuable investment. Purchase hot tubs from reputable manufacturers who have good reviews to ensure longevity of the tub.

Heater type:
The two heater types are external and internal. In external type, the stove is placed outside the tub unit while the internal heater is placed inside the tub.

• Time to heat: Internal heaters heat the water quickly due to its close proximity but require stirring to ensure even heat distribution. External ones take double the time but offers even distribution of water.
• Space: Internal tub takes up some space from the tub while no seating space in lost in case of exterior heater.

The choice depends on which is more important to you – heating time or space. If there are children going to use the tub, parents should be extra attentive when choosing external heater and ensure that children don’t accidently touch the heater.

Tub size:
The tub size depends on how many people would use it at the same time. Remember that bigger tubs take more time to heat up, are costlier and require more maintenance. Find a tub that fits your family and an additional guest or two. Manufacturers usually list information on how many people would fit in each tub.

Only if your body is submerged more in water, you’ll feel a sense of weightlessness. You’ll feel more relaxed and enjoy better relief from joint ailments. If you are seeking wooden tubs for health reasons, opt for deeper ones.

You can hop inside the tub via climbing, stairs, platform or ladder. Young people don’t need aids to hop inside the tub while elders need more support. Take into consideration mobility concerns if elders would use the tub.

Many manufactures offer customizations for wooden tubs. You can choose the exact size, height and the additional features you require and customization one suitable for your family.

The price of wooden hot tubs ranges between £2000 and £10,000. Costlier ones have additional features. Find something that fits in your budget range.

Installing hot tubs is one of the most popular ways to revamp your backyard. Take your time to short-list a good quality one and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy from the comfort of your home.