10 Suggestions For First-Time Medical Marijuana Patients

Your medical marijuana card hasn’t arrived yet? You may stare at the clock and wish time would pass faster, but then the days will feel like weeks. Instead, use this time to learn about the plant, the industry, and the decisions you’ll soon face as a medical marijuana user. Here’s advice we wish we’d gotten before buying medical cannabis.

1. Research

As a new medical marijuana patient, you have access to the whole legal cannabis market. It is a vast universe that, at times, can appear very daunting. Fortunately, learning about medical cannabis in Arizona may be enjoyable. There are numerous tools available to help you feel confident with your first MMJ purchase:

  • Medical marijuana articles and blogs
  • Other users of medical marijuana
  • Clinical studies
  • Our personnel

2. Determine Your Needs For Cannabis

Your initial purchase should be determined by your medical condition and the symptoms you wish to relieve. Learn the distinctions between THC and CBD, Sativa and Indica, and the various cannabis-related terpenes.

3. Choose Your Consumption Method

How you provide medication is as essential as what you administer. There are numerous solutions open to you, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

• Smoking: This is the traditional, cheapest, and most convenient alternative, but it could cause long-term lung difficulties.

• Vaping is a more discrete and potentially healthier alternative to smoking. However, more expensive equipment will be required.

• Consumption – Edibles are portable, potent, and durable. Keep in mind that they can be a costly option for everyday medications.

• Topical — Cannabis-infused topicals, such as lotions and creams, are extremely palatable and may have minimal psychoactivity.

4. Experiment

There are hundreds of cannabis strains on the market, therefore it is highly improbable that you will discover your ideal strain on your first try! Expect to try numerous goods before settling on a handful that meets your requirements.

5. Administer Carefully

There is no need to go overboard to experience medical marijuana’s benefits. Start with a modest amount of any product and gradually increase it until you achieve the desired outcomes.

6. Don’t Share

When it comes to medical marijuana, contrary to what your parents taught you, sharing is not caring. Without the right license, it is illegal to distribute marijuana in Arizona, and the penalties can be severe.

7. Do Not Forget The Set And Setting

First cannabis experiences can be uncomfortable if you’re unprepared. Control your environment to ensure a peaceful experience. Here are some ways to improve the environment:

  • Play peaceful music
  • Clean up any disarray
  • Turn off your cell phone
  • Dim the lighting wherever feasible
  • Avoid unpleasant or chaotic circumstances
  • DON’T drive a car or heavy machinery

8. Don’t Panic

Too much cannabis may cause paranoia or anxiety in certain consumers. Remember that it is only transitory and that it will pass. Additionally, take in mind that not every strain will induce paranoia or anxiety.

9. Keep It Private

Smoke pot only at home. Arizona bans public marijuana use as of this writing.

Employment and marijuana remain legally ambiguous. It’s best not to tell employees about your MMJ status until you know how it will affect your job.

10. Ask Questions

Most of us can’t keep up with the fast-paced industry. New strains, vape technologies, medical studies, and legal interpretations are covered daily.

Medical marijuana Louisiana staff addresses most queries. We’re happy to answer questions and help you choose the right goods. Visit us or call for help.