How does CBD Manufacturing work?

Honest Hemp CBD produces its own CBD products. Our facility is located in Milwaukee. This means we have complete control over our traceable supply chains and manufacturing processes. We are environmentally conscious and strive to become a carbon-neutral CBD producer.

Honest Hemp sells CBD products straight from Hemp. You can also know exactly where they came from since everything is made right here. Customers, both white-label and consumer, can rest assured that all of our products are ethically produced.

The small but highly skilled workforce of just over fifty people in this industry works together in harmony to create high-quality products. We are proud to have been a UK CBD manufacturer and ethical supplier, given all the recent horror stories regarding fast fashion companies as well as their worker working conditions. These standards are different for many private-label CBD producers.

We are a CBD manufacturer and supplier of White Label CBD Gel. This means that CBD oil can be produced for private-label clients and Honest Hemp. Our manufacturing capabilities allow other brands to utilize our service to create high-quality CBD products. We are Milwaukee’s leading supplier of private-label CBD. We also sell Honest Hemp products wholesale at other stores and businesses.

It’s safe enough to say that our knowledge of the CBD manufacturing processes is extensive. We’ll be sharing our knowledge with you to help you understand what goes into the products.

How does the CBD Manufacturing Process Function?

First, hemp cultivation is necessary to produce private-label CBD products. Our hemp plants grow organically in the soil, free from pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs.

Next, the supercritical CO2 extracts CBD from the hemp plants. This allows us to create full-spectrum CBD (or broad-spectrum CBD) and CBD isolate. To learn more about this type of extract, refer to this article.

The manufacturing process begins once the extracts have been prepared. Each of our white-label CBD products is made slightly differently. Therefore, we will separate each one.

Cbd Oil

Heating the CBD extract is one of the first steps to making private-label CBD Oil. Once the CBD extract is heated, we will blend it with a carrier oil – either hemp seed or MCT. The final step is to add any flavouring, terpenes, or other ingredients that will be used for the white-label CBD Oil we are making.

Cbd E-Liquid

To make CBD liquids, it is necessary to first heat up propylene glycol (PG). This ingredient is commonly found in foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and eliquids. It is essential to create the “throat hit” that you get from inhaling the vapour of an e-cigarette. The CBD extract then goes into the vapour. Finally, we add any flavours or terpenes to make the CBD private-label product more appealing.

Cosmetics or CBD Topicals

CBD white-label topicals have ingredients that can be customized to each product. A CBD body lotion will have a different manufacturing method than a CBD cooling cream. We will only go into detail on some products because our number of topicals is limitless. Instead, we will focus on the main process that all products will use.

First, we incorporate CBD oil during the oil phase. Depending on the oil-soluble nature of each component, we may add them in other phases. Essential oils, such as lavender or chamomile, are always added to the end of the manufacturing process.