Looking for Few Tips to Buy Your Bong?

If you are entering into the world of smoking cannabis or tobacco, then you have to buy a bong. Only after you have your own personal bong, you will be able to fully enjoy your smoking and the effect of getting high.

Earlier, you could walk into any smoke shop and choose your bongs among the few varieties, however ever since online shops have started selling bongs there are so many different options that you can have which is totally overwhelming.

Particularly if you are a new smoker then selecting the right bong will be extremely difficult for you as you will not be aware of various features and factors that are involved while buying a bong.

You can also get bong for sale on the website however before you venture into buying you must read about few tips that you should know while choosing your right bong.

1. Look for stability of bong

First thing to consider while purchasing bong is about the suitability. Don’t get impressed just by looking at the look but it is very important that the bong should be stable.

You must check that it is comfortable in your hand, and also you are able to use it comfortably too. Also, it should be small enough so that handling is very convenient.

2. Look for thickness of glass

While buying any bong, which is made of glass material, then it is important to check the thickness of the glass used. More the thicker glass you will select longer the bong you can use without breaking or damaging.

Any glass which is 3mm thick is considered as thin glass, and hence you must try to buy the bong which is having thickness between 5 to 7mm.

3. Check size of joints

Another thing that you must check is about size of the joint that you like to buy. The size will define the smoke intensity that you can get while hitting cannabis.

You can find many options in the market so far as size of joint is concerned. We will suggest to go for 14mm glass bowl of the joint if you are a beginner to start smoking.

4. Shape of bong is also important

Following are few most popular shape of bongs:

  • Straight tube
  • Beakers
  • Bent neck
  • Recyclers
  • Egg water pipe

Each shape has their pros and cons. Prefer to choose one that you feel most comfortable for you.

5. What accessories you need

Following are few important accessories that are supplied with the bongs and you must be familiar with their applications.

  • Percolators
  • Multi-chamber
  • Recycler
  • Fat can base
  • Bent neck mouthpiece
  • Ice catch

6. Glass are available in different varieties

There are many different varieties of glasses used for making these bongs. However, prefer not to go for cheaper variety of glass. Quality of glass will be very important for your better smoking experience.

We will recommend for you to prefer for American borosilicate glass. They are annealed glass and having 5% boric acid as a result it become much stronger.