How CBD Products Treat The Main Source Of Health Issue?

Hemp and marijuana belong to the cannabis family. CBD and THC are the compounds found naturally in the cannabis plants that are always in the news. THC is one that causes the ‘high’, whereas CBD is a non-psychoactive compound.
You will find marijuana-based CBD oil as well as hemp-based CBD products. Remember both differ. The hemp-based CBD products contain .3% or less of THC. It means the high associated with THC use is not experienced. FDA has approved CBD oil with THC at .3%.

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How CBD functions?

CBD directly communicates with your ECS or endocannabinoid system along with the neurotransmitters. It helps your body to restore homeostasis or balance. Your body interacts positively, thus a majority of negative health problems get naturally resolved. ECS controls core and basic brain functions.

The activities of internal organs associated with different brain receptors and nervous system is regulated. All these are associated with your physical movement, sensory awareness, the feeling of pain, memory, emotions, immune system, and hand-eye coordination.

The receptors of the ECS system are called the CB1 and CB2. The CBD oil you ingest bond with these and dictates your internal neurotransmitter network. The CB1 receptor is found all across your body but is highly-concentrated in your brain. The CB2 receptor is highly found in your immune system.

Therefore, CB1 impacts the limbic system including crucial brain organs like the hypothalamus, cortex, hippocampus, etc. Alzheimer’s disease occurs when there is a problem in the limbic system due to damages or disease of some kind. The limbic system controls sensory organs, emotions, memory, behaviour and mood.

You can see how crucial the limbic system is to your overall well-being and health. Research has revealed that CBD deficiency in the limbic system increases the level of anxiety, fear, and depression. So, add CBD as a super-food in your daily regime!

Instead of consuming prescribed drugs, you can opt for a potent natural product to resolve your health concerns. Prescribed drugs are a concern for permanent side effects but using CBD products you are safe as they are non-toxic [even the World Health Organization approves this]. CBD works in resolving issues internally instead of physically. CBD treats your ECS system!

In what ailments can CBD be used for?

It is claimed to treat a wide variety of medical problems that range from daily sickness to chronic health conditions.

• Anxiety and depression
• Chronic pain and muscle spasms
• Insomnia
• Acne
• Glaucoma
• Epilepsy
• Parkinson’s disease
• Lack of appetite due to chemotherapy
• Alzheimer’s

CBD is also a great alternative for treating substance abuse withdrawal symptoms. It is reported that CBD has the potential to reduce or block the psychological effects of THC.

CBDs interaction with medications

CBD products may interact with specific medications like blood thinners or anti-epileptic drugs. It is sensible to consult your physician before adding CBD oil to your healing program. If your doctor approves, then make sure to choose online CBD stores like JustCBD to buy premium quality products.